Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Synthesis of nanomaterial silicon carbide

Owing to its covalency, micro particles of silicon carbide are resisted to full densification. Nanoparticles of silicon carbide promise full densification. Such nanoparticles are extensively used in aeronautical industries, space industries, nuclear fusion reactors, high temperature ceramic heat engines and chemical processing industries. The important properties of ultrafine silicon carbide are high hardness, superior mechanical strength, better-quality creep resistance, better corrosion and erosion resistance, superlative oxidation resistance, low weight and high Young’s modulus.  An attrition milling unit is required for the nanoparticles preparation. In an attrition mill, some special types of steel balls are used which on agitation by a series of stirring arms mounted to a motor shaft yields nanoparticles.  The fluids which can be used as milling medium are ethylene glycol, xylene, butanol, n-hexane and water. For better quality end products, two more processes namely, purification and sintering are desired.